Talking about Top 5 reasons I love the mail beta… reasons 1 and 2


Look at the new MSN email beta, it is sexy tempting. I really like how they provide the level of consistency and surrounding Outlook 2003 office.


I love the five... Reason mail test 1 and 2Office 2007 download is on sale now!

Mail test is a kind of brand-new web-mail experience will faster, easier and more than the existing Internet E-mail security service (read). This team focused on basic reading and sending emails. E-mail is a process, a test of users are driving it as we could hardly keep all their ideas. ),

This is the first time that the things I like most of reading unexplained E-mail box testing.

1. Quick,

Email is very fast, and beta I mean an order of magnitude.

A) user interface reaction, quick action immediately to many people

B) the context switch (rarely in the entire page changes and your eyes are rescan).

You need less click everyday tasks to do

D) clean looks (including more "blank"), so you can relax and eyes to find things faster

2. Reading E-mail inbox, don't put your reading panel

Reading panel allows you to see your email, don't put your inbox. If you like reading panel discussed your web mail. Other web mail service forces you to open and close it before each information, read the message under. If you have 10 news, they will be required reading Kahuna, 20 points on 10 points. (how your carpal tunnel?

Hope to see a wide range of electronic mail? Just double-click information and look! Just confirmed famous motto robot next week for $199, two new contracts and $100 a mail-in rebate. Customers need to voice program began in $39, a web and E-mail program for 29 yuan per month.

Here we see all of the robot, and find sufficient hands-on later today.

Hello human: robot by MOTOROLA until next week

The famous MOTOROLA: the world's earliest intelligent robot ® and version 2.0

New Jersey, enjoy LIBERTYVILLE ridge, ill. High-speed web browsing, move, the search, customizable big screen, thousands of the application of robots and hundreds of components and the best 3G networks: robot by MOTOROLA to nov. 6.

Famous companies and the largest 3G wireless broadband network, MOTOROLA. (nyse: mot, pioneering and enterprising today announced the robot mobile phone industry, by MOTOROLA, the first robot ® 2.0. Robots mental, by MOTOROLA features of modern intelligent breakneck speed, design and other smart phones too short.

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