Security Review: Automated Teller Machine

ATM) has existed since the late 1930s. Now they can find. this

Ordinary and use these machines will accept money from your bank account, a convenient and accurate manner. doMicrosoft outlook is convenient!

At this point, we usually insert a card into the machine and magnetic strip coding and our account informationOutlook 2010 is powerful.

Name, our account, a special password, perhaps another number or two security depends on the card. Once we input

Our CARDS, we must display and keyboard with the machine through the interface. This is the only wayMicrosoft Office is so great!

For normal business communication.

However, some of the other aspects of the ATM? The money is typical armored, metal barrel in these days only

An entry point. Video recording ATM use these days have happened, authoritiesChoose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

There will be more information, in their disposable react. Information and data bank transfer through network center

In order to confirm account details. This machine is encapsulated physical security, such as an outsideOffice 2010 is my favorite.

Casing, armored drum mentioned money, lock, a series of sensors, such as magnetic, earthquake, hot.

Assets.Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

Each ATM's cash. I would have to say this is the most common risk assets for the thief through ATM's.

ATM components, such as the reader, the central processor, sensors, etc. This can be valuable learning in order to better mounts attackMicrosoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.


Potential enemy or threat.

Common thief. Somebody robbed the bank, petrol station also seems to be an attempt to attack ATM. each

Occasionally you hear a thief, determine their trucks ATM, hoping they can take it away from the truck. thisOffice 2007 makes life great!

I'm just a example, "common thief."

Manufacturers of ATM and/or the persons retained by the ATM too fast. These people have a inside edge others when itWindows 7 is convenient and helpful!

In the information to the ATM machine design and gut. However, this person

This machine may not share the machine, and then steal it. They may, however, sales information

How to let the machine.


Steal or copy of the bank. If a thief can gain a real or deceive bank, they are one step away from you

The money from your account. They also need your password, it may be found by observing your fist

It, or through bank records.

Send the default password and the owners manual method of machine operation modes. ,

This actually occurred, and can read about ,

Entry_id = 1560245

Network communication lines can excavate and signal may change. Confirmation message from the database

Center may change to exit the ATM, but not in your account.

ATM's just metal and machinery. It can be destroyed, and/or the enough strength. Then at a later time, he can

When the demolition worry, if it is successful. This is the so-called Ram - raiding:

The potential of fortifications.

As one of the physical security, ATM can sit on the ground of money will be held in the vault. this

Road, if someone stole the ATM, they would steal money, it is very difficult to reach.

If someone can reach the designated position sensor detection machine in the gut tampering of unauthorized manner,

If so, the core part of self mechanism may cause part (fry? .

Instead, the bank start trading ATM may need fingerprints or retinal scan.

Risk and other problems.

These two kinds of assets, I want to say is, the money is in the ATM most at risk. This is due to the value of the asset

Compared to other components of the ATM. Cash is the most liquid of all forms of payment, it can be traced

Very easy. These characteristics make assets is very attractive. Next, considering the opponent's threat, I believe

The machine has added staff the risk of being caught. This is because they have into the machine

A certain period of time. This is obvious, if they stole the money, but before the visit machine machine

Later work, let it looks like a bad behavior. Next, I think

Under the minimum risk machines. They have the knowledge system, from the article, it can be seen

You only owners manual, you can steal someATMs. It is reasonable, so that people choose

As the most dangerous criminals machine. They must break the machine's security is more important, from the very beginning

If they have difficulty than dope. Finally, from the above shortcomings, I think the weakness, male -

Attack is the easiest method. This is because it looks very soon and number of people in your side, it can be done

Not reveal your identity, and you have a vehicle on escape. The bank method seems difficult since once youMicrosoft outlook 2010 is the best.

There stolensomeone CARDS, they can cancel it, in the interval of time they haven't cancel, you need to get

ATM, familiar with them to take out money needle.

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