Electronic Voting in India

For the upcoming elections, it looks like a suitable time to cover the electronic voting system, not our own country, one

System significantly different views, usability and safety design.


Nearly 20 years ago for their use paper ballots for national elections in India. Like paper ballot traveled around the world, and its systemMicrosoft outlook is convenient!

Not that it would have no problem. Voter fraud and violence in the polls, as are purely votes

This requires each number in the election. Hand against these difficulties, India's government decided to slow

Launch electronic voting. And the tradition of integrity and voters privacy, India

But also fighting challenges such as limited power and armed attack at the polls. results

In a surprising electronic voting system is simple and effective, incredible, is still in use today

The whole country.Microsoft Office is so great!

The voting machines summary:

In India, a series of polls are all connected to a text machine central control device "machines,Outlook 2010 is powerful.

By an election officials. In a voter into voting, they see a simple machine

Button, the name of politicians. Press the button election officials implies a ticket

From the booth, Voters can then press the button. After the button, a red light

Will open a loud beep will be missing, no more votes, until the next step will be recorded.Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

Voting results will be recorded in the voting control device.

At the last election day, all the control unit to the body count facilities. Typical of the vote

Records in a few hours.

Why this is a better system.

Simplicity. The only purpose is a voting machines, safety record accurately votes. More complicated

The hardware and software on top of the voting machines, more sensitive machine is to exploit. no

Only in the defects of hardware or software, and in these components. India,Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Electronic voting machines is quite simple, it can use a six v battery, and Diebold machine

Power and hardware running the Windows operating system. An extra bonus a simple machine, it costsMicrosoft Office 2010 is so great.

Far below the more complex machine ($200 an integrated with India Diebold for $3,000).

Machine recount -- not booth voters. There is absolutely no reason for our needs. Voters,

Where the access to the machine. India machine to solve this problem with control unit of lies

The next election official protection.Office 2010 is my favorite.

- Simple electronic equivalent measures to prevent the packing. "Voting system have been fighting for

The possibility of voting. India is the only allow their machines, EVMs record of a certain number of votes

A minute. Because of this, even a corrupt officials who have voted for one day, they will only candidates

To obtain a certain number of registered votes. This is not so, and Diebold or paper ballots system

's system.

Indian - to tamper with machine. If the control unit is forcibly open shut automatically. this

Votes tallied to chip, access control unit.Office 2007 makes life great!


Although EVMs India is not perfect (no paper trail, have complained to tamper, the basic idea

In their design application is key to establish effective electronic voting system. When the responsibility to create an integrated we should askWindows 7 is convenient and helpful!

We want to simple and safe, no. 9 - based on player UI design running Windows XP

Stored in a USB key. voting

(editor's note: I haven't been to India and I never use indians integration. If I have made a mistake, please rest assuredMicrosoft outlook 2010 is the best.

Correct me. I also want to hear firsthand, these machine operation).

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