The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals(135)

On the other hand,the action of the heart is sometimes so much impeded by great rage,that the Microsoft outlook is convenient!

countenance becomes pallid or livid,[4] and not a few menwith heart-disease have dropped down dead under this powerful emotion.[2] Rengger, Naturgesch.  der Saugethiere von Paraguay, 1830, Outlook 2010 is powerful.

s.  3.[3] Sir C. Bell, `Anatomy of Expression,' p.  96.  On the other hand,Dr. Burgess (`Physiology of Blushing,' 1839, p.  31) speaks of the reddeningof a cicatrix in a negress as of the nature of a blush.[4] Moreau and Gratiolet have discussed the colour of the faceunder the Microsoft Office is so great!

influence of intense passion:  see the edit.of 1820 of Lavater, vol.  iv.  pp.  282 and 300;and Gratiolet, `De la Physionomie,' p.  345.The respiration is likewise affected; the chest heaves,and the dilated nostrils quiver.[5] As Tennyson writes,"sharp breaths of anger puffed her fairy nostrils out."Hence we have such expressions as breathing out vengeance,"and "fuming with Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

anger."[6]The excited brain gives strength to the muscles, and at the sametime energy to the will.  Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

The body is commonly held erect readyfor instant action, but sometimes it is bent forward towardsthe offending person, with the limbs more or less rigid.The mouth is generally closed with firmness, showing fixeddetermination, and the teeth are clenched or ground together.Such gestures as the raising of the arms, with the fists clenched,as if to strike the offender, are common.  Office 2010 is my favourite.

Few men in agreat passion, and telling some one to begone, can resist actingas if they intended to Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

strike or push the man violently away.The desire, indeed, to strike often becomes so intolerably strong,that inanimate objects are struck or dashed to the ground;but the gestures frequently become altogether purposeless or frantic.Young children, when in a violent rage roll on the ground Office 2007 makes life great!

ontheir backs or bellies, screaming, kicking, scratching, or bitingeverything within reach.  So it is, as I hear from Mr. Scott,with Hindoo children; and, as we have seen, with the youngof the anthropomorphous apes.[6] Sir C. Bell `Anatomy of Expression,' pp.  91, 107) has fully discussedthis subject.  Moreau remarks (in the edit.  of 1820 of `La Physionomie,par G. Lavater,' vol.  iv.  p.  237), and quotes Portal in confirmation,that asthmatic patients acquire permanently expanded nostrils, owing tothe habitual contraction of the elevatory muscles of the wings of the nose.

The explanation by Dr. Piderit (`Mimik und Physiognomik,' s.  82) of thedistension of the Windows 7 is convenient and helpful!

nostrils, namely, to allow free breathing whilst the mouthis closed and the teeth clenched, does not appear to be nearly so correctas that by Sir C. Bell, who attributes it to the sympathy (_i. e_.habitual co-action) of all the respiratory muscles.  The nostrils of an angryman may be seen to become dilated, although his mouth is open.[7] Mr. Wedgwood, `On the Origin of Language,' 1866, p.  76.  He also observesthat the sound of hard breathing "is represented by the syllables _puff,huff, whiff_, whence a _huff_ is a fit of ill-temper."But the muscular system is often affected in a wholly different way;for trembling is a frequent consequence of extreme rage.The paralysed lips then refuse to obey the will, "and the voice sticksin the throat;"[7] or it is rendered loud, harsh, and discordant.If there be much and rapid speaking, the mouth froths.The hair sometimes bristles; Microsoft outlook 2010 is the best.

but I shall return to this subjectin another chapter, when I treat of the mingled emotions of rageand terror.  There is in most cases a strongly-marked frownon the forehead; for this follows from the sense of anythingdispleasing or difficult, together with concentration of mind.But sometimes the brow, instead of being much contracted and lowered,remains smooth, with the glaring eyes kept widely open.The eyes are always bright, or may, as Homer expresses it,glisten with fire. 

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