The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals(140)

The difference consists solely in the upper lipbeing retracted in such a manner that the canine tooth on oneside of the face alone is shown; the face itself being generallya little upturned and half averted from the person causing offence.The other signs of rage are not necessarily present.  This Microsoft outlook is convenient!

expressionmay occasionally be observed in a person who sneers at or defies another,though there Outlook 2010 is powerful.

may be no real anger; as when any one is playfullyaccused of some fault, and answers, "I scorn the imputation."The expression is not a common one, but I have seen it exhibited withperfect distinctness by a lady who was being quizzed by another person.It was described by Parsons as long ago as 1746, with an engraving,showing the uncovered canine on one side.[14] Mr. Microsoft Office is so great!

Rejlander,without my having made any allusion to the subject, asked me whether Ihad ever noticed this expression, as he had been much struck by it.He has photographed for me (Plate IV.  fig 1) a lady, who sometimesunintentionally displays the canine on one side, and who can doso Choose Office 2007 Professional is the most lucky thing in the world.

voluntarily with unusual distinctness.The expression of a half-playful sneer graduates into oneof great ferocity when, together with a heavily frowningbrow and fierce eye, the canine tooth is exposed.Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

A Bengalee boy was accused before Mr. Scott of some misdeed.The delinquent did not dare to give vent to his wrath in words,but it was plainly shown on his countenance, sometimes by adefiant frown, and sometimes "by a thoroughly canine snarl."When this was exhibited, "the corner of the lip over the eye-tooth,which happened in this case to be large and projecting, was Office 2010 is my favourite.

raisedon the side of his accuser, a strong frown being still retainedon the brow."  Sir C. Bell states[15] that the actor Cookecould express the most determined hate "when with the obliquecast of his eyes he drew up the outer part of the upper lip,and discovered a sharp angular tooth."[14] Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Transact.  Philosoph.  Soc., Appendix, 1746, p.  65.The uncovering of the canine tooth is the result of a double movement.The angle or corner of the mouth is drawn a little backwards, and at the sametime a muscle which runs parallel to and near the nose draws up the outerpart of the upper Office 2007 makes life great!

lip, and exposes the canine on this side of the face.The contraction of this muscle makes a distinct furrow on the cheek,and produces strong wrinkles under the eye, especially at its inner corner.The action is the same as that of a snarling dog; and a dog when pretendingto fight often draws up the lip on one side alone, namely that facinghis antagonist. Windows 7 is convenient and helpful!

 Our word _sneer_ is in fact the same as _snarl_,which was originally _snar_, the _l_ "being merely an element implyingcontinuance of action."[16]I suspect that we see a trace of this same expression in what iscalled a derisive or sardonic smile.  The lips are then keptjoined or almost joined, but one corner of the mouth is retractedon the side towards the derided person; and this drawing backof the corner is part of a true sneer.  Although some personssmile more on one side of their face than on the other,it is not easy to understand why in cases of derision the smile,if a real one, should so commonly be confined to one side.I have also on these occasions noticed aMicrosoft outlook 2010 is the best.

 slight twitchingof the muscle which draws up the outer part of the upper lip;and this movement, if fully carried out, would have uncoveredthe canine, and would have produced a true sneer.[15] `Anatomy of Expression,' p.  136.  Sir C. Bell calls (p. 131)the muscles which uncover the canines the snarling muscles.[16] Hensleigh Wedgwood, `Dictionary of English Etymology,'1865, vol.  iii.  pp.  240, 243.Mr. Bulmer, an Australian missionary in a remote part of Gipps' Land, says,in answer to my query about the uncovering of the canine on one side, "I findthat the natives in snarling at each other speak with the teeth closed,the upper lip drawn to one side, and a general angry expression of face;but they look direct at the person addressed." 

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