Slow Copy and Move in Windows Vista


"The main complaining, I have vision is slow file copy or mobile operation. It is a new type of" distance "who is poor culprit.

Turn it off in the control panel/procedures and function/open or closed the window characteristics and cancel "remote differential compression".

Firstly, the present Google square founder. After Google search of TV advertising (run in the super bowl), orientation social network, square founder to do the same thing tonight.

In their main tweet sent from the calls account, square founder of the team, "said:" the rumor, providing services will be displayed in the bravo tonight is pure genius from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. But this is not gossip, we can see that the AD (and embed it for your own pleasures). It is by 20 points, highlighting oneself for zhishuang bravo recently announced a combination, make out from the Internet sites that (or his square founder guide by bravo (app) to them in the real world. This is believed to be the cause of current income of income. 105Many people like Microsoft Office.

Google, it was announced by the tweet integrated into it updated the types of web search results. This is the first time that Google back in December to include real-time data in the search results. Other data sources for Google's real-time results including space and noises.

The only problem is, only to Google's new facebook page updated 3,000,000, general access is famous brand, statesman, and local enterprises -- rather than your average facebook users. This information may be useful, but occasionally forces from real-time search have plenty of money.

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