Office 2000 runs just fine on Vista thank you!


The application of the biggest problems when compatibility mobile or stupid to Windows Vista. Microsoft has carried out a series of trying to provide a unique experience in the past versions of Windows for the enterprise and the consumer's vision, including applications incompatability (first introduced in a Windows XP), a new application compatible elves help identify application to your system is not normal operation with Windows, Windows update consultant to decide whether or not to have the necessary demand and set successfully installed Windows Vista and will be published (beta) virtual computer before the 2007 version of Windows operating on the Windows Vista support your traditional applications.

As for me, I have trouble in the smallest Windows vista compatible, the only problem is my USB E398 C350 and MOTOROLA cell phones are not fully compatible, the root cause is MOTOROLA's mobile phone tools BVPR software development. Hope after a period of time, Manufacturering scene is released, they will get a supporting device drivers and working software.Microsoft Office is my best friend.

I have some old applications, such as office 2000 premium SR1 and six in the latest Adobe Photoshop street construction and 5728 5,600 (RC1), I feel surprised, they are not functional fault or error in installing a process, or in daily use. I have never thought of running mode, or compatibility also ran in optimal performance. Many companies are still in the office, as version 2000 &xp, usually in more recent moved slowly release, ascension cycle can be a combination of factors of old and new software. You can rest assured that it using the latest operating system, and the productivity and graphics software older without affecting your TCO). Of course, Microsoft will recommend a deployment strategy, 2007 / but I believe most of the IT department and the CIO and realities will have one party or close to move to the office in 2007 and vision.

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