Microsoft Tools to Combat Vista Piracy


"Microsoft will launch a software protection of October 4 platform and the corresponding technical, it plans to merge into a variety of products, start with Windows Vista and Windows server overhead, hoping to crack down on piracy.

The new technology will be included in the sight of all, and with the passage of time, each product will use Microsoft platform to a certain extent, Hartje cori, director of Microsoft's real software projects, eWEEK told. "

Read thisOffice 2007 is so powerful.

The activation process itself picture has introduced some subtle improvement. For example, you are not tip activation window, promptly notify the user balloon not pop-up torture, if you want to activate every time you log in now. In the first phase, you can choose to install Windows startup automatic three days you connected to the network. I also think Microsoft is pain, the last nail license key activation. I'm really very rare cases, "little" OEM or retail copies for piracy and folks prefer using pirated XP VLK 120 days, waiting for the grace of an ordinary computers installed Windows XP.

Of course, there are some additional conditions of new activation process for the retail and VLK, every 30 to 60-180 days (I think) VLK reactivates. People may not always have Windows access network, this will be a chore, hope this telephone support services will finish the task to deal with lots of activation say they will receive the new changes.

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