Get Ready, Windows Vista RC2 Build 5744 is Almost here!

The following appeared in Microsoft's website for customers, download preview participants test Windows Vista. Quote:Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life. "This page contains information to help you download the Windows Vista RC2 and a new test to build the building (5744). There are many improvements and updated daily, and has passed the test process refining quality and performance. We are the only release at a time (only) to download widely distributed and testing various computer configuration. Please note: this may not create equal support and service through the update, you may not to ascend, from the RC1 is a final version of the construction of Windows Vista. Continue to use the links below, please download. Otherwise, please click here to access the Windows Vista download (56) build RC1 is." Look here Sigh, I just installed Windows Vista 64-bit 5728 built on Sunday, oh, I'm looking forward to it. Microsoft related news, there have been rumours that he will distribute Vista coupons system builders, for customers to buy a new computer Windows XP has on oct. 26, 2006, on March 15, 2007. You may remember, our last year in Pepsi poked fun, send us some cases Aquafina Aquarius. First, we have the technology of blog. Second, expanding the Aquafina display of plastic bottles, apparently is much less than the old one. Of course, they send god knows how much carbon into their air transport us not one, but two boxes of these things without reason. This year, the company has a better idea. Or, more precisely, they think that you do. Pepsi that you submit ideas to them before the meeting, the engineering SXSW occurred in Austin, Texas next month. During the meeting, people online, will vote by their favourite idea (operas, website, etc.). Victor, announced on the last day of the part (SXSW interaction on March 16), and will make them little funding ideas into reality. This month's refresh projects are sent out $1.3 million, for example.

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