Microsoft Windows Vista Public Newsgroup


For those of you who are running Windows Vista beta - 1 or by user download or other MSDN "means, Microsoft has created a public Vista newsgroups just gave you.


"Welcome to the Windows Vista (formerly called expenses) beta - 1 to help and support group discussion. Please use the discussion group Posting questions or offer solutions on how to use Windows Vista beta - 1.

Since the summer, Brizzly test launch has one of the best available methods and whispers. Put forward a new network applications and intuitive user interface, the data in the song can let you do some things, like the streams in the picture, you retweet relaxed and embedded click of a button. Today, Brizzly using its magic to the message.Many people like Microsoft Office.

The new face of function, and Brizzly should live in the next few hours, the look and feel of Brizzly operas characteristic. Brizzly inside, you can now do facebook state, walls, comments, update and love. Now, you can post picture or video, but Brizzly will provide a way to show them the way is undoubtedly inline than facebook itself.

Facebook is a developer in the office today in the garage, and some new palo alto, the application will officially announced. Some changes, although it is so compelling, has large application developers in advance to the face. And those developers, to say the least, more than a bit worried about the changes will affect traffic and usage. We estimate that the source and the changes in their program could drop by using some developers 70%, change their advantages.

Like the previous changes, operas are cleaning their user interfaces, make application under control. This change in the future will waste of six months, we have heard.

Last week's facebook users will be released to news. In the past few months constantly Twitter - like users see the news of a friend. Now the default view is algorithm. Many applications (especially those guys) encourages users to add a state updated every few minutes and they do what, when there is a constant flow of all benefit from the program of extra traffic. All of the wave, and we spoke with traffic and use has fallen from 20% to 30% said, these changes.

Facebook will achieve more developers and today. A more favorable traffic flow process from the bottom right hand corner of the pop-up notice - facebook tell you when people leave comments or "like" web links and update etc. Today there are free program into notify users. They do this thing. Many. When we heard that effective change procedures shall not be issued notice. And 40% of the program, use it traffic, our source.

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