Internet Explorer 7 Icon on the Desktop Test


Oh, I feel tired, so I decided to create an Internet Explorer 7 icon on the desktop test, here it is:

In fact, it looks very good, very easy to see the ring, adding more depth and symbol of status. So the transformation is absolutely necessary. It also looks good and firefox. I have noticed, IE 7 icon samples of a gel, IE 5 icon Mac and hardened gradient. It is very good, I must say.

In today's event, Lamkin yahoo analyst Brian yahoo perform some company recently status updates Numbers. Yahoo launched "they" characteristics of casting -, a few months ago, its basic updates to add E-mail and messenger products. In the new yahoo mail messages, and you can update your position and all 10 contact also use two kinds of products can see your update.

Today, Lamkin says, yahoo sees 8m state information, the monthly updated with this new functions. This has been a long time, so the state of yahoo function is not new, but the number of renewal is worthy of note. This state of the latest information integration into the email, IM representative fusion of private and public information.Microsoft Office 2007 is welcomed by the whole world.

Tapjoy, small shops, development of the incredible TapDefense for apple iTunes link], [has built a strong tool, select the application developers monetized resettlement. Through two powerful offerings, they asked for free advertising revenues increased more than 2.5 times program. I first met them in TechCrunch50 DemoPit Tapjoy platform is complete, left a deep impression.

First of all, they always advertisement major mobile network and service advertisement in salary. This method takes the leaves of advertising, developers field Tapjoy 99.9% meet rate. Second, they can make developers sell virtual objects in the program (such as extra points or additional tower TapDefense strange for real money). They do this option for user can download an application in virtual. Read about this must be in later, because it is indeed the most creative third-party platform, I read all the apples.

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