And if you drive PowerPoint on a Mac, see this

From Microsoft.

If you use version PowerPoint before pre-alpha - Mac X, see Q297238 Mac OS X OFF2001: how to optimize your Macintosh systems configured

Also, you want to go to the Mactopia download link, you'll want to download and install service release patch 1: if you have not done so.Many people use Microsoft Office 2007 to help their work and life.

Of course, fell into the common problems in MAC main PowerPoint FAQ link so that you will find more MAC - specific PowerPoint help.

Don't copy and paste pictures and other content to slide

Instead, the picture, click save images and choose to your hard disk. Then insert | | | drawing pictures or inserted in PowerPoint 2007 | pictures in PowerPoint files from 2003 to bring the picture.

If you copy from the Internet, you stick to it to create opt-out - - a link to the Internet. This may lead to connect to the Internet every time someone opened the report. A real trouble, if you had one. And a hard to track and removed from darned.

Don't link imagesOffice 2007 is so powerful.

When you insert the picture as described above, you will notice a option file. Unless you have a very good reason to do so, don't. PowerPoint image links break easily. It usually safer, more effective inline documentation (in other words, they usually do not connect into).

You want to create a brochure or other printing? PowerPoint was not designed for this. You too hard work produces mediocre results. Choose a more appropriate plans, PageMaker InDesign publishers, or any other desktop publishing plans. Even though the word or other word processor might be easier to work.Office 2007 key is available here.

You need to make a website? Web - terms PowerPoint can create your demo version, but it is not a good tool for creating the entire site. Choose a special web design project.

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